Thank you to everyone who participated in our virtual Festival Sampler and made it a great success. Please see our Festival Sampler 2022 page for information about the events, including two recorded sessions! We are truly grateful for the financial and organizational support we received from the following community partners.

We are looking forward to planning an in-person ‘Ut’loo Noye Khunni ~ Weaving Words Celebration for the fall of 2022. If you’re an Indigenous youth between the ages of 5 and 29, be sure to check out the open call for submissions to this year’s Hear Our Words storytelling showcase. For information on other upcoming events, check out our News & Events page.

The ‘Ut’loo Noye Khunni: Weaving Words Celebration is an annual festival designed to showcase the talents of Indigenous writers and storytellers while engaging participants to explore and appreciate the importance of oral and written literacy. The festival plays host to published and non-published authors, poets, and storytellers of all kinds from across Canada. Since its inception in 2005, the festival has grown in terms of its offerings and popularity with new events added each year. Orality and storytelling are vital elements of Indigenous culture and tradition and through the Weaving Words Celebration, we strive to encourage and advocate for the use of stories, both oral and written, to make advancements in the areas of literacy, education, history, and culture for Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of our community.

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For more information about the Weaving Words Celebration, the 2022 Hear Our Words submission call, or if you’re interested in getting involved with the planning and delivery of the Weaving Words Celebration, please contact the coordinator at